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13 hours of Malmö

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the story to pick up again (from the scattered three posts I made during the trip), here’s a two minute time lapse film of the view towards Malmö’s Central Station (on the other … Continue reading

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When music videos get literal

Fact: “Take On Me” by a-ha is one of the best music videos ever made. What happens when someone needs to describe the video to you in song form? The result may be something like this.  This isn’t my work, … Continue reading

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TSA rules are rules

Undoubtedly, people wonder why some items are prohibited from being carried onto airplanes, while others can be even more dangerous. In the last blog, you saw the end of the souvenir bottle production line. Since you can’t bring your own … Continue reading

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The World of Coca-Cola Tasting Room

The World of Coca-Cola allows visitors to tour through the history of Coca-Cola, from the early days of local soda fountains to today’s multinational corporate sponsorships. You can see a miniature bottling plant (which supplies the souvenir bottle every visitor … Continue reading

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Home from Atlanta

I’ve returned home in the last hour, and have unpacked the laptop and toothbrush, which tells you my priorities. I’m uploading some videos to Vimeo and Youtube, will upload more and get to flickr and Driftr later on, after sleep. … Continue reading

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Where the Hell is Matt?

If you’re into travel, you’ve probably heard of this guy and his video – he recorded himself dancing in dozens of places around the world. It got popular enough on youtube and his own website that he got sponsored by … Continue reading

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See the Albuquerque Aquarium in 2 minutes

I had already spent about 2 hours inside, much more than what I was told is needed to see everything. I like aquariums, and since I paid admission, I should get to spend all day if I want. I made … Continue reading

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