The World of Coca-Cola Tasting Room

The World of Coca-Cola allows visitors to tour through the history of Coca-Cola, from the early days of local soda fountains to today’s multinational corporate sponsorships. You can see a miniature bottling plant (which supplies the souvenir bottle every visitor gets at the end of the tour), all sorts of artifacts and artwork, and you can take a picture with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

The final stop of the tour (before the gift shop) is the tasting room, which houses five self-serve soda fountains representing five continents (no Australia? Boo!), and contains some 60 flavors. I was unable to sample every flavor, and I really wanted to do it, because when would I get the chance to do this again?

See the rest of the flickr set.

The taste test compilation:

The souvenir bottle pickup station:

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