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Albuquerque Day 02 – Old Town, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens

Breakfast was decent, though obviously overpriced, which is expected in a hotel restaurant. My trio of “heart healthy” wheat and oat pancakes were gummy and the cinnamon apple topping tasted and felt old, but the plain yogurt was a nice … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Day 01 – Airport adventures and nightclubs

We arrive at SFO two hours ahead of flight time, but the flight to San Diego is already delayed. It fluctuates among 1:30pm, 1:50pm, and 2:25pm (scheduled flight time is 1pm). The flight from San Diego to Albuquerque is scheduled … Continue reading

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Phone blog: Aquarium and Botanical Gardens

It’s way too hot and sunny, and I just finished a $1 McDonald’s sundae (strawberry), but I’ll expand more later, after I get back to the computer and upload more than 2GB of photos and video.

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Phone blog: Arrived in Albuquerque

We were able to get onto an earlier flight to San Diego, as our scheduled flight was delayed and we would have missed the connection. No checked baggage made it easier. Now we wait for the free hotel shuttle. Mom’s … Continue reading

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Off to Albuquerque in a couple of hours

I’m unsure of my internet access on this trip, so I haven’t determined if I will blog when I can, or write them up and post them every two days (like the SLO road trip). If the former, then you … Continue reading

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I’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow

I’m going with Mom, as she doesn’t like to travel alone. I’ve recently started a job that I already don’t like after one week, and I’m taking time off. Although, I’m a part time employee, and being a new hire, … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

Today, I share with you yet another photography site, but rest assured it is as impressive as all everything I show you. The Big Picture is part of the Boston news website (the Boston Globe newspaper is there), and they … Continue reading

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Remember Stereoscopy?

Stereoscopy is the presentation of two images of the same subject from a slightly different angle to provide an illusion of depth. If you remember the ViewMaster, Magic Eye posters, or (to a lesser extent) the Virtual Boy, then you … Continue reading

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