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Happy New Year

That’s all, nothing else. I’ve never been a new year celebrator.

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San Francisco: Known for Sourdough bread and Dungeness crab

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Happy Holidays 2008!

In the spirit of sharing, I “present” the following: (see what I did there?) A Boston Terrier happily chewing on a bone A traditional holiday Sourdough bread crab A friend playing with a new present (and a fishing game) A … Continue reading

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Aahhh! Giant Pocky! Run!

Thanks to Julie and Alan for making me aware of such a treat. Yum, strawberry. With regular Men’s Pocky for scale:

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Busy recent-ness indicates future busy-ness

I haven’t posted anything for a while because there have been some other considerations.  I got a job offer that required me to make a medium-sized move.  I’m taking it, and there is some logistical planning to make, which won’t … Continue reading

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Secret Santa at the Cliff House

Yesterday, a group of us went to the Cliff House Bistro in San Francisco, alongside Ocean Beach and the Great Highway. We are also cheap people, so we opted for a Secret Santa program this holiday season. Hopefully, my recipient … Continue reading

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Internet Time Waster #13: Auditorium

Auditorium is a flash puzzle game. I won’t tell you how to play or the object of the game. See it for yourself, but there is an audio component, so use headphones, depending on your environment. Play Auditorium here. Previous … Continue reading

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