Home from Atlanta

I’ve returned home in the last hour, and have unpacked the laptop and toothbrush, which tells you my priorities. I’m uploading some videos to Vimeo and Youtube, will upload more and get to flickr and Driftr later on, after sleep.

My flight from Atlanta to Houston was poorly attended, so I got a full three seats to myself. The original itinerary had me arrive in Houston at 7:27pm, with my connection to San Francisco at 9:00pm. I would have originally missed the 7:15pm flight, but it was delayed until 7:45pm (I got off the plane and into the terminal at 7:33pm), so I raced from the farthest end of Gate C to the farthest end of Gate E to see if I could get on the flight through standby. I was told it would cost an extra $50, so no thanks. The Continental OnePass frequent flyer program also charges $50 to retroactively apply mileage from previous flights, neither is a great deal. I ended up walking to my regular gate, then back to the earlier, standby gate, because the food options were better. It did not leave until 8:10pm anyway, so $50 to get home 50 minutes earlier is certainly not worth it ($1 per minute).

The flight to San Francisco was full, and there was a group of students coming back from some activist conference in Chicago. They were trying to sit together, causing all sorts of trouble by blocking the path and taking other people’s assigned seats, delaying our takeoff. Once we got to cruising altitude, several of them reorganized other passengers so they could sit closer together. We saw Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and a static-y sounding episode of Still Standing as the in-flight entertainment.

Happy Birthday Alan!

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1 Response to Home from Atlanta

  1. Alan says:

    Wow man, thanks for the birthday mention!

    And welcome back! Here’s to some time not spent in Target nor Super Wal Mart!

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