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Which version of GTA IV should I get?

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV is released today on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I am having difficulty deciding on which platform to play it. Both have pros and cons, perhaps you can help me decide. The following points … Continue reading

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Fast food abroad

American fast food has a bad reputation: unhealthy, low quality, and destructive to the environment (from packaging or farming/livestock methods). You’re often told by travel snobs that they will never visit an American fast food restaurant when traveling. Why would … Continue reading

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Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

The date: 19 April 2008. The direction: Southbound Highway 101. The bridge is often used as a visual landmark representing the United States and a major tourist destination. This blog is meant to be about travel. Obviously, I can’t travel … Continue reading

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My Kotaku contest pipet tip plane

About 2 weeks ago, gaming blog Kotaku opened a contest calling readers to design and wear a plane costume to win a copy of Ace Combat 6 for the Xbox 360. After a lackluster number of entries and two days … Continue reading

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Hooray for Capitalism

Unlike a typical male, I don’t find the Three Stooges, midgets, monkeys, or the word “ass”, funny. As a typical male, I dislike shopping, but when it is required, I don’t take all day to find something. I know what … Continue reading

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Internet Time Waster #2: Falling Sand

You’ve been playing Meltdown for the past two days straight, right? My best so far is 219. Internet Time Waster #2: Falling Sand

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Internet Time Waster #1: Meltdown

So I’ve done a consistent one-month block of posts, starting with a week-long stint, then slowed to every two days. I’d rather not stretch it to every three days, because as you get to know me, you notice I don’t … Continue reading

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