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Montreal quick summary

5 days, 4 poutines, 6 TimBits, 2 bagels, 0 kebabs

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Meet the new traveling companions

More adventures with inanimate objects!  Soup Ladle Nessie and the Deep Tea Diver join me as I travel to Montreal and Las Vegas.  They take over from Cake Toy Prime and Pop Vinyl Elsa.  I considered naming this duo “Amy … Continue reading

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Traveling this week, stay tuned.

Another trip, another traveling companion.  Who will accompany me on this short voyage north and back?

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Flights and food: Scandinavia 2014 Trip Part 7

  Last time I was in Scandinavia, I visited the world’s largest IKEA.  This trip, I visit the world’s largest (and best) something else.  What is it?  You’ll have to keep reading.

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