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Waste of a day

I was in Atlanta a week ago. Not being home meant I fell behind on podcasts and television. I was already behind on newspaper comics from a trip to Albuquerque and a part time job before that, now I’m more … Continue reading

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See the Albuquerque Aquarium in 2 minutes

I had already spent about 2 hours inside, much more than what I was told is needed to see everything. I like aquariums, and since I paid admission, I should get to spend all day if I want. I made … Continue reading

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Sensing a theme here?

Let us continue in the marine life oeuvre (I know I’m using that word inaccurately, most likely you’re going to go look it up anyway, so at least you’ll learn something). Here we have a Leafy Sea Dragon (Phycodurus eques, … Continue reading

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Palace of Fine Arts

This is the setting for a scene from one of the coolest movies in recent times, 1996’s The Rock. After the car chase through steep San Francisco streets (all action movies set in SF must have a car chase), Sean … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

So it’s Pi day and also Albert Einstein’s birthday, further confirmation of the man’s genius. How many digits can I recite? 3.141592653589793238462643383… (27 decimal places so far). The first known Pi Day celebration was held at San Francisco’s Exploratorium in … Continue reading

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I love Discovery Channel

This is no surprise. I talk about it enough. It seems they did something for me as well. I like to check my blog stats to see how many hits it gets. In doing this yesterday, I noticed something highly … Continue reading

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Basketball-shooting robot at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh

Just uploaded a new video to Youtube, of a robot that can shoot basketballs, and never misses (when in automatic mode). There is a user-control feature, so it can miss if aimed improperly. This was taken the day before the … Continue reading

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