TSA rules are rules

Undoubtedly, people wonder why some items are prohibited from being carried onto airplanes, while others can be even more dangerous. In the last blog, you saw the end of the souvenir bottle production line. Since you can’t bring your own beverages past airport security, something had to be done with the liquid (if I wanted to keep the bottle). I opted to drink it rather than pour it down the drain. Family members already had their own bottles, and they planned to carry the bottles in their checked luggage, so they still didn’t need to drink mine (they didn’t sample as much soda as I did though). I found out the bottle cap wasn’t a twist-off cap, so I had to carefully use a bottle opener if I wanted to keep the cap in good condition. There was also a chance that I wouldn’t be allowed to bring the empty glass bottle in my carry-on luggage. Surely a glass bottle and metal bottle cap are more dangerous than 20 ounces of soda.

In case I destroyed the cap and/or was not allowed to bring the bottle home, I made the following video for posterity. I packed the bottle (in its souvenir bag) into a doubled-over sock, which was stored in a Pringles can (I’m so ingenious) for extra protection. Fortunately, nothing was said, the bottle cap was snapped back on, and both bottle and bag are sitting on a shelf at home.

Bonus: Here, you see a poorly shot video of the part of the tour that takes you through a miniature bottling plant. It is very shaky because I had to move quickly through the corridor, there were other visitors behind me and I didn’t want them in the way. It’s just an excuse to upload another video.

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