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Reminders to all flyers

Primarily in the United States (since that is where I have done most of my flying), but in other English-speaking countries, people can’t seem to follow requests/instructions, or they don’t care.  The first one is the “We’re about to begin … Continue reading

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Come back soon

Been away from home and away from high speed internet all week, so photo uploads have been on hold.  Posts should return sometime next week, maybe.

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Eurotrip Interlude 1: LGW-FCO

Unlike most US-based airlines I have used, British Airways doesn’t allow me to select my economy class seats when I purchase my tickets online (they do allow seat selection for high-level frequent flyers), unless I wanted to pay $42 per … Continue reading

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Before, Before, and After @britishmuseum

So I like the British Museum.  I didn’t know how much I would like it when I arrived.  When I travel alone, I don’t sleep much because I want to use as much time as I can to see and … Continue reading

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Eurotrip Part 3: The New Year

Prologue: Early thoughts on this trip itinerary considered Christmas in Germany or Austria, due to their reputations of getting into the holiday decorating spirit, and being in London to hear Big Ben for the New Year.  France, Scotland, and Ireland … Continue reading

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The Lonely Planet Effect

An empty restaurant, hotel, or club might be a sign of its quality, or it could be a victim of the “Lonely Planet Effect.”  To summarize, an establishment that scores a mention in the popular guidebook can coast on that … Continue reading

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Eurotrip Part 2: The ICEHOTEL

Prologue: Years ago, I saw a new documentary premiere on the Discovery Channel called “The Ice Hotel”.  (Author note: The ICEHOTEL has a webcam and a partner has a live feed.)  Since then, it had been the place I wanted … Continue reading

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