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Eurotrip Interlude 3: Aquaria speed run

Because I could, here is a speed run of Stockholm’s Aquaria Vattenmuseum.  True, it isn’t a video game, nor is it performed as fast as possible, but I am giving you the chance to spend seven and a half minutes … Continue reading

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Finishing Albuquerque

Atlanta is upcoming, so I should probably finish telling you about Albuquerque. The last related post was on July 1, and you had only been told about my first couple of days there. Since we were downtown with no car, … Continue reading

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Touching Famous Landmarks

Remember my repeated mentions of this flickr group? While in Albuquerque, I got an email telling me it got a mention on Photojojo’s Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography. Hooray for cross-promotion! I’ve put in my two week’s notice for … Continue reading

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See the Albuquerque Aquarium in 2 minutes

I had already spent about 2 hours inside, much more than what I was told is needed to see everything. I like aquariums, and since I paid admission, I should get to spend all day if I want. I made … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Day 02 – Old Town, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens

Breakfast was decent, though obviously overpriced, which is expected in a hotel restaurant. My trio of “heart healthy” wheat and oat pancakes were gummy and the cinnamon apple topping tasted and felt old, but the plain yogurt was a nice … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Day 01 – Airport adventures and nightclubs

We arrive at SFO two hours ahead of flight time, but the flight to San Diego is already delayed. It fluctuates among 1:30pm, 1:50pm, and 2:25pm (scheduled flight time is 1pm). The flight from San Diego to Albuquerque is scheduled … Continue reading

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Phone blog: Aquarium and Botanical Gardens

It’s way too hot and sunny, and I just finished a $1 McDonald’s sundae (strawberry), but I’ll expand more later, after I get back to the computer and upload more than 2GB of photos and video.

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