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Not enough time for a daily update

In the old travel days, I spent all day out looking around, taking pictures and what-not, then wrote one really long post after going through my photos (as many as 200 a day), uploading, and linking to the post.  That … Continue reading

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The last time I was here, I started a blog

Not here, specifically, but near enough.  I started this blog to share my Seattle trip back in September 2006. I  am currently in Bellevue, on the other side of Lake Washington.  I’ll head to Vancouver in a couple of days.  … Continue reading

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One way to generate a Google map with geotagged flickr photos

I really wanted to start placing my photos onto maps so interested travelers can see where I saw, what I saw.  But I found it difficult to figure out how to make Google maps with my geotagged photos.  Most of … Continue reading

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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Medal Design

You may recall my opinion of past Olympic medals, here are some photos (gathered from various other blogs) of the current lineup of medals to be given away in Vancouver.  These are the first non-flat medals, having been specially pressed … Continue reading

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Latest Geotagged photos

I hope to be able to keep you updated of my upcoming trip with a link to a map of my latest geotagged photos.  I haven’t been able to figure out how to embed a dynamic or static Google Maps … Continue reading

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Back in it

I’ve reopened this blog after nearly a year, let’s see if people start reading again. Less than two weeks to go for another shot at travel, this time to Canada and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I have some new … Continue reading

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