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See the Albuquerque Aquarium in 2 minutes

I had already spent about 2 hours inside, much more than what I was told is needed to see everything. I like aquariums, and since I paid admission, I should get to spend all day if I want. I made … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Day 02 – Old Town, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens

Breakfast was decent, though obviously overpriced, which is expected in a hotel restaurant. My trio of “heart healthy” wheat and oat pancakes were gummy and the cinnamon apple topping tasted and felt old, but the plain yogurt was a nice … Continue reading

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Sensing a theme here?

Let us continue in the marine life oeuvre (I know I’m using that word inaccurately, most likely you’re going to go look it up anyway, so at least you’ll learn something). Here we have a Leafy Sea Dragon (Phycodurus eques, … Continue reading

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The urban aquarium

Do people see aquariums as educational places to be avoided unless it gets them out of a day of school? I tend to see them as tourist destinations, something you must see when you’re near one. San Francisco’s Aquarium of … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s events

I didn’t get back to my computer until very late at night, so it took nearly 4 hours just to go through my daily website visits, leaving very little time for video/photo uploading and blogging. And since I don’t want … Continue reading

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This hotel offers a free newspaper, and on Tuesday night, I was able to find The Seattle Times. The previous two mornings, it was only USA Today, an adequate paper, but not what I prefer when traveling, as the local … Continue reading

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