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Road Trip: San Luis Obispo Day 02 – Saturday 24 May 2008

Today’s big event is the California Festival of Beers at Avila Beach Resort. The tickets were bought long ago, but I declined mine, so it was sold off. I don’t drink, so I figured I would be assigned to be … Continue reading

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Road Trip: San Luis Obispo Day 01 – Friday 23 May 2008

With two days of advance warning, a group of college friends planned a 4-day shindig over the Memorial Day weekend. One would host the others in his apartment in Los Osos, adjacent to San Luis Obispo, where we went to … Continue reading

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Kevin’s Eleven: What is Steven Seagal? list

Have you noticed a pattern in Steven Seagal movie titles? They are often descriptive phrases. 1. Steven Seagal is Hard To Kill. 2. Steven Seagal is Out For Justice. 3. Steven Seagal is Under Siege. 4. Steven Seagal is On … Continue reading

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Samantha Brown at San Francisco Macy’s

Travel Channel’s perky Samantha Brown will be making an appearance at San Francisco’s Macy’s at Union Square on Saturday, May 31. Meet her and possibly get an autograph (and photo) in the shoe section on the second level. Read this … Continue reading

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Kevin’s Eleven: Brand Names That Have Supplanted The Generic Names list

Sometimes, a commercial product becomes so successful that it becomes the standard name for everything of its ilk, even though it may be a specific company’s name for a product. The representative name may be due to market dominance, being … Continue reading

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Internet Time Waster #3: Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense is another flash game that will take longer to play than the previous two games (Meltdown and Falling Sand). You have to be a bit more involved, you can’t just click once and watch a result. The … Continue reading

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Kevin’s Eleven: Best Television No Longer On The Air list

You know what shows I like right now and which channels I watch the most. Now I will taunt you with the best television shows that are no longer in production (you may be able to find them in syndication … Continue reading

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