An occamage of razors

I prefer not to bring an electric razor when I fly.  It adds weight and might need recharging.  The last part isn’t a big deal with international plug adapters, but the lighter one can travel, the better.  Unfortunately, that means using disposable products.  I still have 3 Gillette Sensor cartridges (with TWO blades) from a 5-pack I bought half a lifetime ago (in college).  I guess I’ll bring those on my next overseas trip (to Scandinavia), hoping I can get two shaves out of each.

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Kevin’s Eleven: Best Public Transport

Now that I have used more than eleven public transportation systems, let’s make a list.  Public transport includes bus, subway, and train/rail.  I may not have used some of them extensively, it may have only been a couple of trips, but when you’re starved for content, you make do.  The rankings are based on my needs.
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Was the Stockholm card worth it?

You’ve recently read about my England-Sweden-Italy trip.  I have now managed to save enough (combined with good airfare, and mileage and point redemption) to do a trip through Scandinavia, culturally defined as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

One of the ways I saved money in Stockholm was to make use of the Stockholm Card, a tourist card that gives you free/discount admission to many attractions and free public transport.  Olso, Bergen, Copenhagen, and Malmö all have their own version, though some are just shopping discounts or unlimited public transport rides.  I don’t know if I will make good use of any of those city passes, because I may not desire to visit as many things as possible in the time I have.

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Eurotrip Appendix V: Adventures of Cake Toy Prime in Italy

The last country on the tour, Cake Toy Prime hit the tourist spots in Rome, and takes a tour through the Tuscan countryside.

Lens flare through the Colosseum
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Eurotrip Appendix IV: Adventures of Cake Toy Prime in Sweden

Cake Toy Prime passed through Sweden’s Customs twice, in Kiruna en route to the ICE Hotel and again when arriving in Stockholm later in the trip.

Chilling out at the ICE Hotel
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Eurotrip Appendix III: Adventures of Cake Toy Prime in England

In Bermuda 2011, my labmates got me a birthday cake with Transformers figures (the inferior Bay versions) on it.  After 3 years of celebrating Pi Day there, I figured they would know I prefer pie to cake.  Oh well.  The toys made the cut on what to bring home and what to leave behind on the island.  I used them to stage another birthday photo the next year.

Do you know of the Flat Stanley Project?  Perhaps you remember the subplot in the French film Amélie, where her father’s garden gnome was stolen, traveled around the world, and returned.  I decided to take the Optimus Prime cake toy with me through Europe, as a stand-in for me, since I was reluctant to hand over my camera to strangers to take photos of me.  On the rare occasion that I did, they took terrible photos.  I did some selfies, as evidenced by the Touching Famous Landmarks gallery.  I figured Optimus Prime would be a little more recognizable than the Bumblebee figure, as the former was changed less than the latter for the Bay-ified designs.  I had considered taking my Deep Tea Diver that was a gift from another couple of friends, but with the infuser being see-through, I thought it might be tougher to show up on camera and its small footprint meant it might not stay upright on various terrains. Continue reading

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Eurotrip Appendix II: Touching Famous Landmarks

More photos to add to my Touching Famous Landmarks Flickr group: (Warning – image heavy post)


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