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Flickr Group: Touching Famous Landmarks

Please join and submit relevant photos to my new flickr group – Touching Famous Landmarks. Oh, and Happy New Year! This travel-oriented group features photos of people touching famous landmarks. The person (or persons) must be in contact with the … Continue reading

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An idea that can go either way

I also have a Picasa blog, where the idea is to share pictures. You already know that I take loads of digital pictures. I have many of them on various photo-sharing websites, but when you deal with quantity, the quality … Continue reading

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Schmap Guides (you’ve probably never heard of this before)

I received an email a couple of weeks ago about two of my Flickr photos, specifically from my Melbourne trip. Schmap is an online, interactive map and city guide for points of interest, with dozens of categories. The two requested … Continue reading

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Minor visual changes

I’ve removed the flickr widget, as my free account is full. Instead, I’ve posted links to my Zooomr and flickr photostreams, as well as my Photobucket page, which I use for individual quick-share pictures. Should I repost all the pictures … Continue reading

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A nice article on food blogging

I’ve had a lack of content to provide lately, so I’ll offer you a link from today’s San Francisco Chronicle newspaper Food section about food blogging. Much news was made about the rise of “liveblogging” during the 2004 political conventions, … Continue reading

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Final day

Since today is the last day, and checkout time is noon, we can sleep in later, so I decide to watch Troy on HBO. I’ve seen it before in the cinema, and have the DVD, but I’ll watch it again, … Continue reading

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In the meantime…

So I didn’t get a new laptop, which means I’ve saved some money that can be applied towards traveling, but it means I won’t be able to document/blog/vlog any trips as originally intended. The laptop had great specs at a … Continue reading

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