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Kevin’s Eleven: What is Steven Seagal? list

Have you noticed a pattern in Steven Seagal movie titles? They are often descriptive phrases. 1. Steven Seagal is Hard To Kill. 2. Steven Seagal is Out For Justice. 3. Steven Seagal is Under Siege. 4. Steven Seagal is On … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s events

I didn’t get back to my computer until very late at night, so it took nearly 4 hours just to go through my daily website visits, leaving very little time for video/photo uploading and blogging. And since I don’t want … Continue reading

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Another new feature

I’ve decided to try embedding photos into this blog (rather than just hotlinking), as it should make the stories easier to read and hopefully increase traffic. Again, I’m primarily using Zooomr, as it is free and unlimited (hopefully for a … Continue reading

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You know what happens too often?

I’m in a shop and someone comes up and asks for help, thinking I work there. It’s definitely not them asking another customer, because the questions are phrased “Where do you keep” and “Do you have?” It has happened dozens … Continue reading

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You know what’s fun?

Finding amusing things in a conceptually humorous sense. The following examples have actually been done by me or a friend. After watching Super Size Me, a friend and I went to McDonald’s for lunch. I know some people who said … Continue reading

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Brief Movie Review: Snakes on a Plane

It’s been a while since this was initially released, and so this review will likely be too late for most of you to find the film locally, if you feel so inclined. Fortunately, what I say here will probably not … Continue reading

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Final day

Since today is the last day, and checkout time is noon, we can sleep in later, so I decide to watch Troy on HBO. I’ve seen it before in the cinema, and have the DVD, but I’ll watch it again, … Continue reading

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