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The important things

I arrived at Sydney Airport 3 hours before my flight. Since I had to check out of my hotel by 11am, I might as well go to the airport instead of walking around town with my luggage. Maybe I could … Continue reading

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Thanks again, Costco

My eyeglasses broke two days before my December cruise, and the local optometrist would not have been open after the cruise and before I left for home. At home, I was told by the optical center that my new glasses … Continue reading

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I’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow

I’m going with Mom, as she doesn’t like to travel alone. I’ve recently started a job that I already don’t like after one week, and I’m taking time off. Although, I’m a part time employee, and being a new hire, … Continue reading

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Road Trip: San Luis Obispo Day 03 – Sunday 25 May 2008

Today, we golf. We never excelled at the sport, preferring to play a leisurely game. It had taken us three attempts to finally finish all 18 holes of the Dairy Creek Golf Course. The first time, we started at 3pm, … Continue reading

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I think HD has finally gone too far.

This was snapped on my cameraphone in a Costco. What in the world is a high definition rug? For a bonus play on words, “HDR” is also an acronym that refers to a photography manipulation process, called High Dynamic Range. … Continue reading

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The last day (before the final morning)

Saturday, it’s back to Robinson (I don’t like this place much anymore). Costco gasoline is often the cheapest, but with more driving to do, I reckon I will need to top up again, even if it’s a couple of gallons, … Continue reading

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Another new feature

I’ve decided to try embedding photos into this blog (rather than just hotlinking), as it should make the stories easier to read and hopefully increase traffic. Again, I’m primarily using Zooomr, as it is free and unlimited (hopefully for a … Continue reading

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