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Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Last time, you read of my lack of compassion for Circuit City. Here are some examples of why I appreciate Best Buy. 1. Reward Zone program: I shop there already, and they have some of the best prices around, among … Continue reading

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Bye Circuit City

With the news that Circuit City has declared bankruptcy, after news that the chain is closing 155 stores, I find that I’m not bothered by the future reduction of retail competition. I’ve always liked Best Buy: the stores are clean … Continue reading

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Another new feature

I’ve decided to try embedding photos into this blog (rather than just hotlinking), as it should make the stories easier to read and hopefully increase traffic. Again, I’m primarily using Zooomr, as it is free and unlimited (hopefully for a … Continue reading

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You know what happens too often?

I’m in a shop and someone comes up and asks for help, thinking I work there. It’s definitely not them asking another customer, because the questions are phrased “Where do you keep” and “Do you have?” It has happened dozens … Continue reading

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