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Touching Famous Landmarks

Remember my repeated mentions of this flickr group? While in Albuquerque, I got an email telling me it got a mention on Photojojo’s Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography. Hooray for cross-promotion! I’ve put in my two week’s notice for … Continue reading

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I’ll be in Albuquerque tomorrow

I’m going with Mom, as she doesn’t like to travel alone. I’ve recently started a job that I already don’t like after one week, and I’m taking time off. Although, I’m a part time employee, and being a new hire, … Continue reading

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Kevin’s Eleven: Best Places I’ve Been list

You know I like to travel. Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled enough to be able to call myself a real one. Now that I’ve committed to making a bunch of lists, I’ll give you my favorite places, which could be interpreted … Continue reading

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Old time Sydney

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum has recently published photos from its Tyrrell Collection into The Commons on flickr. It contains photos of old time Sydney and New South Wales from near the turn of the 20th century. You know my love for … Continue reading

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Has anyone seen Quiksilver sunscreen?

On my last major research cruise, I ended up in Tahiti, where I got sunburned through a black t-shirt and Coppertone sunscreen I bought at Costco (bought because it was cheap). I don’t know if sunscreen can expire, but I … Continue reading

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The good old days

of cheaper gasoline. Californians have been paying more than the national average, which is reasonable since they likely use more than average. I’m surprised the price isn’t higher, since they’ll pay it anyway. Sure, they’ll complain all the time, but … Continue reading

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Intersection of Pitt Street and Liverpool St

Downtown Sydney, I wonder how much these people got paid to advertise this, especially the guy in the facepalm suit. This was during summer as well. I hope I got the correct intersection, I used Google Maps for aerial confirmation.

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