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Too much sun: Scandinavia 2014 Trip Part 4

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which means more daylight.  Don’t you wish it wasn’t so bright all the time?  After all, when you can’t see the sun, you get some pretty nice cosmic views.  One of the reasons for … Continue reading

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Trip update

Last time I wrote here, the trip was only a few hours old.  I’m in Malmo now, having spent three days in Tromso (with two nights of aurora events), a couple of days in Copenhagen (with 7 hours in LEGOLand).  … Continue reading

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So, travel next week. Yay.

This will be a 16 day trip through Scandinavia.  That makes three trips to Europe in 3.5 years, each time with a different phone.  Primary purpose is to witness blazing aurora in person.  Last time, I got a tiny blur.  … Continue reading

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Eurotrip Part 2: The ICEHOTEL

Prologue: Years ago, I saw a new documentary premiere on the Discovery Channel called “The Ice Hotel”.  (Author note: The ICEHOTEL has a webcam and a partner has a live feed.)  Since then, it had been the place I wanted … Continue reading

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My First Aurora

I stayed at the ICE Hotel for four days, the first two days were snowy and cloudy, therefore not well-suited for aurora appearances.  The third and final night had clear skies, so the tour went out, fortunately the roads were … Continue reading

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