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San Francisco: Known for Sourdough bread and Dungeness crab

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Quest for wildlife

Yesterday, some friends came over from San Francisco. Sure, they have wild animals around, but not easily found in the neighborhoods, outside of birds and small rodents. I live next to a state park, so heading up the hill is … Continue reading

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A diversity of fishes, or a bunch of African Cichlids

Might as well keep with the animal theme – here is a video taken at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It’s a close-up of a tank full of colorful African Cichlids, I thought it might make a nice, looping screen … Continue reading

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Frog in the garage

A small frog had taken up residence in the floor of the garage some months ago, in a space made between the settling floor and foundation (the house is 40 years old, but this isn’t a structural risk). I was … Continue reading

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Hungry hungry Panamanian raccoon

Last time, you saw a raccoon that gets fed on a regular schedule, and perhaps more than it needs. How American is that? Let’s take a look at a raccoon somewhere else. Here we have a raccoon (I don’t know … Continue reading

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Hungry hungry raccoon

Here is a raccoon hanging out near the Cove Cafe on Angel Island. The little critter is likely comfortable around humans and has an adorable pudginess, indicative of overfeeding from tourists with a sense of entitlement.

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Sensing a theme here?

Let us continue in the marine life oeuvre (I know I’m using that word inaccurately, most likely you’re going to go look it up anyway, so at least you’ll learn something). Here we have a Leafy Sea Dragon (Phycodurus eques, … Continue reading

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