After the show

So you know it took well over 5 hours to drive back north to the original hotel. I used the rest of the evening to refill the fuel tank, return the unused supplies, and pick up another takeaway dinner, this time some average food court Mexican cuisine.

The next day, it was back to Portland for nothing in particular. I happened to end up near Voodoo Doughnuts again and the line looked much more reasonable, so I maxed out the parking meter and took a chance and came away with three.

(donut photo coming)

One doughnut eaten on a sidestreet while I get eyed by a parking cop. We flirt a bit and go on our own ways. I know Chinatown is nearby, so let’s find a late breakfast place. Nothing seems to be open until after 11, presumably lunch hour. Charlie’s Deli claims to have the best sandwiches in Portland. I wouldn’t be the best judge, having never had a meal in Portland, but I have eaten a lot of sandwiches.

(sandwich photo coming)

It’s definitely a good sandwich, and using an app gets me a free cookie. After breakfast/lunch, I head further downtown to find a shop where I have a coupon about to expire. I buy a shirt that is already on sale, plus my coupon brings a $55 shirt down to $18, plus no sales tax. The sales guy tells me he used to live in the SF Bay Area, and that if I have a car and not much time to sightsee, I should go to Crown Point.

Extra eclipse-related traffic turns a 40-minute drive (his estimate) into nearly two hours, each way. It’s crowded with not enough parking spots for the demand. The view is decent, overlooking the Columbia River, Colombia Gorge, and Washington State.

(panoramic photo coming)

A late night thought to hunt for Powerball tickets is discarded.

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