Before the show

I like hanging out at airports. I get there real early, easily more than the recommended two hours before flight time. I check out a typewriter exhibit and buy a small, overpriced sandwich.

The car rental agent tells me to prepare for the worst – assume it will take twice as long as usual to drive anywhere and I should buy a full tank of gasoline now because gas stations will run out. No thanks, I don’t need to spend $70 for your gas that costs half that anywhere else.

Downtown Portland is pretty active and the people fulfill the stereotype happily. $2/hour (and one hour max) for street parking and the line to buy doughnuts is over an hour. No thanks, I’ll walk around and look at the street markets, the people, and meet a friend-size dog.

While I am here, I should visit the famous Powell’s Bookstore and buy extra water bottles and snacks at Whole Foods (another recommended disaster preparation). Tigard has two Apple stores and a Tesla showroom, not even Portland has that.

The drive to Albany was performed the day before the show at freeway speeds, nothing like the traffic jams that were predicted. With an entire half-day extra, I wander the city center, have a nice burger at a shop that doesn’t usually open on Sundays, and happen upon a group of Pokemon hunters.

The motel off the freeway is near several food options, a grocery store, and a Costco. I fill up the fuel tank (just in case) and buy takeaway dinner. Once I park again, I have everything I need nearby until the show is over.

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