Flights and food: Scandinavia 2014 Trip Part 7


Last time I was in Scandinavia, I visited the world’s largest IKEA.  This trip, I visit the world’s largest (and best) something else.  What is it?  You’ll have to keep reading.

The final aurora chase got me back to my lodging around 2am, with some extra unexpected money (ask me about it sometime), and my next flight departs in 6 hours.  Here in Tromso, you don’t need to get to the airport 2-3 hours early, so a couple hours of sleep should be enough.  The front desk helped me arrange a shuttle to the airport (done the day before), and there were four others from my small hotel also heading out.  In the morning, no shuttle bus appeared, so we got a limousine service to take us there.

Fortunately, no more airline problems.  I still have no idea what came of that 24-hour Lufthansa strike.  I connected through Oslo (where I enjoyed the regional cuisine) to Copenhagen, where I was staying at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport on points (which cost fewer points than a domestic Hampton Inn).  That central location (airport, train, and metro) was important to me, you’ll find out why.  I was flying out again the next day, so there wasn’t much time for my style of sightseeing.  The metro ticket is good for unlimited rides in 1 hour, so I made a quick plan to ride from Lufthavnen to Kongens Nytorv, walk around Nyhavn, get takeaway dinner, and back to the hotel inside of one hour.

Nyhavn late afternoon

Dinner (what else but a variation of the kebab?)

Since I am awesome, the plan worked, I was between the penultimate station and my stop when the hour was up.  Tomorrow should be one of the more fun days of the trip.

Spoiler for the next post.

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