A dark night: Scandinavia 2014 Trip Part 6

My last night in Tromso, perhaps forever.  Let’s hope for a good show.  I already had one, why not two?

The second tour was with Green Fox Guiding.  Highly recommended on Tripadvisor, my guide was able to handle 8 people from different parts of the world with no problem.  He had good knowledge and was helpful with night photography tips.

The night began at our meeting point near the dock for the world famous Hurtigruten ferry.  You may have heard about the real-time, live streaming broadcast of the entire Norwegian coast trip that broke television viewing records in Norway back in 2011.  Watch the sped up version here, or the entire 134-hour video here.  The concept is called Slow TV and it might catch on in the US (imagine a more exciting Yule Log channel).


Back to my trip – we stopped first along a major road with a large dirt lot as there were already lights in the sky.  A group of five from Singapore were getting setup, making use of the provided warm weather clothes and tripods.  I was ready to go and shooting already.


A little camera trickery = see-through me.

Since we were along a road, it wasn’t as dark as we would have liked, but when you are chasing lights, you take what you get, you have no idea if this is the best you will get.  Our second stop was the longest, still near a road, but we could walk farther away from it had an open bay in front of us.  It also meant more exposure to the elements.

IMG_7337 IMG_7349

Our third and final stop was well past midnight and also included a campfire, tea, and sandwiches. Fortunately, the lights were dimming, otherwise the fire would have severely damaged one’s night vision. I was hoping that our tour would end on time, as I had an early checkout and flight to Copenhagen.

IMG_7360 IMG_7361

Sorry for the abruptness of this post. They are usually more thought out and verbose. My “year in review” informed me I only posted four times last year, so I guess I rushed this one.

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