Too much sun: Scandinavia 2014 Trip Part 4

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which means more daylight.  Don’t you wish it wasn’t so bright all the time?  After all, when you can’t see the sun, you get some pretty nice cosmic views.  One of the reasons for this trip was to see some spectacular aurorae, whose activity level is directly influenced by the sun.

I booked two tours for my three nights (first night midnight arrival doesn’t count).  In case weather interrupted one of them, I had another chance to see something good.  They were expensive, but I’m already spending the money to get here, I should increase my odds as best I reasonably can.  I left a night in between the tours to do my own thing, and if I saw a great show on the first tour, I could still cancel the second and get a refund.  The daytime would be used for normal tourism, city walking, food, museums, etc.  I don’t need much rest when traveling, and I like being out in cold weather.

You’ve already read how much trouble it took to get to my first stop in Tromso (1, 2, 3).  That extra night between tours allowed me to switch nights because of the Lufthansa strike.  Since I was able to get to Tromso on time, I was asked by the tour company if I wanted to keep the original night, or wait until the next night, telling me they expected better weather on the original, so we went back to the original night tour.

During the day, I debated just sleeping in and waiting for the tour that night, knowing it could last until 3am if we needed to see the good stuff.  But I’m traveling, so I want to see as much as I feel I can/want (plus, didn’t want to miss the free breakfast).  I walked around the city, stopped in the awesomely-designed public library, considered buying an “Ice cold Coke” from a vending machine that kept the drink at 6°C (and air temp was -1°C, so the vending machine was actually warming them), and visited the Polarmuseet.

The first tour was with Chasing Lights, the long-time holder of a #1 ranking on Tripadvisor.  I moved back to the original tour date, which I pushed a day because of the Lufthansa strike, and had a private tour, simply because I was the only one to book that night.  Read my TA review here.  But you’re here to see photos.  Keep in mind that the human eye sees things differently than a digital sensor.

Nice steady shot from a moving vehicle (I have skills)

Read up on the phenomenon here

Aurora would be a cool name for a kid

Illuminated Pop Vinyl Elsa

See-through me

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