Mixed feelings about food

It’s raining here in Oslo, and it’s dinner time.  I felt like looking for pizza, and yelp made a decent suggestion on what to avoid.  The good sounding one was about 1 km away.  That’s not a problem, but I was planning take away, and cardboard boxes do not fare well in rain.  The rain was only increasing in strength, I figured I wasn’t going to make it, and I didn’t want to dine in.

The old stand-by kebab shop to the rescue: I happened upon one right as I decided to give up on pizza (the really close by pizza restaurant had horrible reviews).  I’ve already had a kebab this trip, as well as a good hamburger and even a burrito (both in Malmö), and plenty of sandwiches.  The nearby malls only had the usual fast food options (US chains, 7-11, sandwich shops), which I didn’t want right now.

I had mixed feelings because I would rather have something new, but I also needed food and couldn’t settle for nearby but poorly reviewed pizza.  Burger King was a semi-serious (and more expensive) consideration.  I think this lamb/salad/pommes frites (that’s what it said on the menu) plate ended up being a better choice.


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