Midnight munchies

I’ve been up for about 31 hours now, and it’s just past midnight.  There may be aurora visible in Tromso, but I’m not about to venture far from the hotel after midnight in an unfamiliar city.  I’ll probably sleep soon, but hunger calls.  Back in Pisa, I found a kebab shop open late that hit the spot.

In Scandinavia, 7-11 stores are prevalent, clean, and open all the time.  Think if Starbucks in the US were open 24/7 and had three times as many locations.  Decent hot food for a budget price is always appealing. US$8 for a calzone is tempting, but while walking a few blocks radius around the hotel, I found a kebab shop.  Had to do it, maybe I’m starting a new tradition.  You tell me if you think this is worth US$15.  Keep in mind the only food you’ve had in the last 24 hours is airport (pricey) and airplane (least offensive options) food.


Also, I discovered that my hotel room bathroom has a heated floor.

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