Airport issues

Instead of having a seat at the pointy end of the A380, I got an aisle seat over the shakey wing of a noisier Boeing 747, that had the community television monitors over the aisles.  They decided to show a 2+ hour film (X-Men: Days of Future Past) with 80 minutes left in the flight.  The good thing was the empty middle seat next to me.

In Frankfurt, I was able to spend some of my remaining Euros (from Italy) on snacks, drinks, and a souvenir for a lucky person.  During boarding to Oslo, my pass would not work.  Going back to the desk, I was told that someone cancelled my boarding pass.  I was quickly rebooked into another aisle seat over the wing, losing my window seat at the pointy end, again (it’s quieter and more stable there).

In Oslo, I have to transfer from the international to domestic terminal, which means clearing customs (no passport stamp😯) and going back through security, which means I can’t bring the drinks I had bought in Frankfurt.  Drinking 1L of room temperature soda in 10 minutes isn’t that fun (nor would throwing them away).

Now I wait 5 hours for my last flight to Tromso.  I ask about changing flights and am told it would cost US$210 to be on a flight 2 hours earlier.  No thanks.  I originally booked the later flight in case I missed the 80 minute connection in Frankfurt on Lufthansa, which as you now know wasn’t a problem as itinerary changes gave me a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt where passport control took 11 seconds.

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