Strikes are no fun for anyone

Yesterday, I found out during a work break when I received a text message that my FRA-OSL flight was cancelled with no more information.  No email or phone call.  Found out there was a planned daylong strike affecting all Lufthansa flights in continental Europe.  Spent both breaks plus lunch on hold trying to get another flight out of Frankfurt to make another connection in Oslo.  Eventually had to drive to the airport at 10pm to try to fix it in person.  I was able to get rebooked onto a code share flight to make my second connection, but it only left me one hour in Frankfurt (if there were no delays).

This morning, I wake up to another text from Lufthansa that my SFO-FRA flight was cancelled.  Good thing I woke up earlier than planned, as I spent another hour with busy signals and on hold with LH, until I gave up and called United (as I booked through them anyway).  Ten minutes later I had another rebooked flight that left earlier, but fortunately gave me a longer layover in Frankfurt.  I had to leave quickly to get to the airport and check in, since my online account doesn’t get updated fast enough to allow check-in and print a boarding pass.  I also had to ask my guided tour in Tromso if I could switch to the next days tour in case rebooked flights could not get there in time.

Good: I should still be able to travel on time.

Bad: I lost the flight at the pointy end of an A380


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