An occamage of razors

I prefer not to bring an electric razor when I fly.  It adds weight and might need recharging.  The last part isn’t a big deal with international plug adapters, but the lighter one can travel, the better.  Unfortunately, that means using disposable products.  I still have 3 Gillette Sensor cartridges (with TWO blades) from a 5-pack I bought half a lifetime ago (in college).  I guess I’ll bring those on my next overseas trip (to Scandinavia), hoping I can get two shaves out of each.

On my last trip through Europe, I brought an assortment of four disposable razors I got for free through the mail (two of one brand, two of another).  The remainder of the 5-pack in the above photo is the only time I ever bought razor cartridges.  I’ve never even bought a handle.  I got that Gillette handle in a college welcome pack (with one cartridge), and received a half dozen others over the years through online giveaways, from 2/3 packs of singles to 3-blade up to 5-blade to vibrating handles of various brands, they just sit in a drawer until needed, which is not often.  I price checked a 10-pack of single blade Bic disposable razors at Bed Bath & Beyond for $1.73 (with 20% off coupon), but would probably not need more than 4 on the trip (but then again, $2 will not break my budget).  May as well use my current leftovers, though I’m not sure if I should toss the handle as well.  I won’t need it anymore, but I don’t like to throw things away that still work.

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