Was the Stockholm card worth it?

You’ve recently read about my England-Sweden-Italy trip.  I have now managed to save enough (combined with good airfare, and mileage and point redemption) to do a trip through Scandinavia, culturally defined as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

One of the ways I saved money in Stockholm was to make use of the Stockholm Card, a tourist card that gives you free/discount admission to many attractions and free public transport.  Olso, Bergen, Copenhagen, and Malmö all have their own version, though some are just shopping discounts or unlimited public transport rides.  I don’t know if I will make good use of any of those city passes, because I may not desire to visit as many things as possible in the time I have.

I definitely made use of the card in Stockholm, without feeling overly rushed.  But I thought I might calculate how much I saved overall.  It’s been 18 months since my trip, so admission prices might have changed.  Back in 2012, I paid 807SEK (US$120 today) for a 5-day card (which was barely more than a full price 3-day card, and I only stayed 4 days), through a special promotional code, the full price for a 5-day card cost at least 950SEK (US$141 today).  Since you can’t buy it for that price today, and I don’t know what the museum admission prices were back then, I’ll use today’s prices (rounding up to the next US dollar).

Price of 5-day card: 1095SEK ~ US$165

Day 1:
Vasa Museum: 130SEK ~ US$20

Day 2:
Skansen: 100SEK ~ US$15 (in winter, up to 170SEK ~US$26 in summer)
Skansen Aquarium: 120SEK ~ US$18
Fotografiska: 120SEK ~ US$18

Day 3:
City Hall: 100SEK ~ US$15
Royal Palace: 150SEK ~ US$23
includes Royal Apartments, Three Crowns Museum, and Royal Treasury in 7 days
Royal Armoury: 90SEK ~ US$14
Royal Mint: 70SEK ~ US$11

Day 4:
Skyview: 145SEK ~ US$22
Nobel Museum: 100SEK ~ US$15
Aquaria Vattenmuseum: 100SEK ~ US$15
Nordic Museum: 100SEK ~ US$15

Total: 1205SEK ~ US$179 (winter Skansen price)
Total: 1275SEK ~ US$190 (summer Skansen price)

If I took this trip today (summer prices), I would save around US$35 in admission fees, which is about two free museums.  Winter price for Skansen saves about US$11.  Keep in mind this is only 4 days use (and I also got a US$20 discount for my card).  Had I stayed for a fifth day, that would all be gravy (not to mention only visiting one museum on the first day).  This also does not consider my extensive use of public transportation, which was all free with card, including the bus & train trip from the airport (remember I paid for a different return).  If you travel like me and stay for at least 4 days, you should more than break even and only have to deal with one plastic card (vs cash and or hoping the venues/machines take your US credit/debit cards).

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