Eurotrip Part 17: The end

Today marks the one year anniversary of the end of my Eurotrip.  It took one year to share 24 days with you, sorry about the wait.  There are currently 600 photos in my Flickr set and 10 YouTube videos from the trip.  I may occasionally add more to those sets (or delete if necessary).  Stay tuned for bonus features!

The end of my trips are often reserved for shopping.  I spend most of the time sight-seeing, and I remember things I saw that I would like to bring home.  Last night I shopped at HMV Trocadero, but didn’t pick up as much as I would have liked.  Today, at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, I found another HMV location, with the added bonus of duty-free prices.  I was disappointed in 2011 to find out the HMV in Gatwick airport closed before my flight back to Bermuda, otherwise I would have done more shopping in town.  So I stocked up and was able to split costs between the remainder of my UK cash and the rest on a foreign exchange transaction-free credit card.  I even found a couple of things that were out of stock at the Oxford location.

The other thing I returned to was Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food.  When I connected through T5 (flying from Pisa to Stockholm), I picked up the Plane Picnic bag to go (I still use the insulated lunch bag today).  I spotted the burger on the menu and thought to try it on the way home.  Since today is that day, I sat at a table and had the short rib burger with side of chips.  I liked it, sure it was expensive, but it’s something I can’t get at home, and don’t know when I’ll have another chance, so why not?

The flight home was uneventful, but had the advantage of an empty middle seat.  I had the aisle, as usual, some other guy took the window seat, and I don’t think he got up the entire 10+ hour flight.  Again, I consume all the British media that the in-flight entertainment provides.  Landing in SFO, I get through customs easily and walk right through the final gate, the only times I have ever been stopped for secondary search was entering Bermuda.

I like the curvy, carved portion running through the snow and ice covering the wider river.

Thanks for sticking around this long to read all about it.  If you’re joining late, when I finally finish writing all I can about this trip, I’ll make one master post with links to every entry.

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