Sunday Cosplay at the 2013 Big Wow Comicfest

Here are some of my photos from the 2013 Big Wow Comicfest in San Jose on Sunday.  The official costume contest was on Saturday, so there were likely more costumes around.  I mostly aimed to ask other apparent, non-exhibitor, con-goers in costume for a photo, as I supposed the professionals behind booth tables might be there for a job/promotion and might charge for photos (of them or with them).  Sure, I could ask anyway, but they also tended to have loads of people hanging around, and taking a sneaky photo might be in poor form.  As much as I prefer candid, non-posed photos, that won’t always work with hand-made costumes, since they want to show off their work.  As a result, there were many photos I didn’t get.  Some were busy in conversation, with a vendor, or posing for someone else and I didn’t want to interrupt.  Others were out of reach as they walked around the crowded floor.  I did manage to get photos of some well-known cosplayers.

Las Vegas Power Girl and I Heart Nerd Girls booths

Casey Jones

Loki and Black Widow


Avatar the Last Airbender

Ms. Marvel


Boba Kill Bill vs Boba Wolverine


Indiana Jones?

Bay Area/Sacramento Ghostbusters

Bioshock Infinite’s Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth

Captain America


Bane, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy (Tallest Silver), Catwoman (Belle Chere)

Jim Balent-Catwoman (that’s not me with Belle Chere)

Tallest Silver as Poison Ivy

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