Long Beach live blog

Today I fly to Long Beach to use up my JetBlue miles/points before they expire in a couple of weeks.  The rest of the points were redeemed for magazine subscriptions.  I thought I might try posting a live blog of the trip.  Check back often for updates, if my phone doesn’t get stolen and I get internet access.

5:20am wake up and get ready to drive to airport

5:55am leave home

6:45am arrive at off-site parking lot

7:45am eat banana while waiting at gate, one hour until boarding, read saved newspaper comics

8:55am made it to my aisle seat

9:05am shut off phone

10:33am touchdown in Long Beach

10:55am waiting for bus with 3 ladies going to the port for a bachelorette party cruise

11:16am on bus 111 downtown

11:55am arrive at downtown transit center, walk towards aquarium

12:20pm entered Aquarium of the Pacific

12:34pm “The Usual” at an aquarium = fish & chips

2:55pm Leafy Sea Dragon

3:00pm private screening of The Wonderful World of Penguins (I was the only one in the theater.)

3:34pm That guy or girl is not allowed to name animals anymore.

3:39pm Where’s Nemo?

4:33pm post-penguin feeding

4:48pm I arrrr a pirate

4:53pm lorikeet close-up

5:30pm buy souvenir keychain, leave aquarium, look for dinner before returning to bus terminal and airport

5:45pm pricey steak fiesta burrito from Sharky’s Mexican Grill, steak is either dry or overdone

6:04pm at bus terminal, must wait 36 minutes for my bus

6:42pm bus leaves terminal (bus arrived 13 minutes ago, but we weren’t allowed to board)

7:25pm arrive at LGB

7:37pm past security, now wait 76 minutes until flight

8:37pm seated on plane, after these boarding rounds – even more seating, rows 15-19, everyone else (that’s me)

10:06pm touchdown at SFO

10:25pm jet bridge delay/malfunction cancelled out our early arrival

10:37pm waiting curbside for shuttle to off-site parking

10:54pm in car and heading home

11:44pm home now, thanks for reading, bigger photos will show up eventually

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