Eurotrip Part 10: Hey? No, hej!

My flight to Stockholm isn’t until nearly 3pm, so I have time to go back to the Cathedral that closed right before I arrived yesterday afternoon.  First, the complimentary buffet breakfast provided by the hotel was nice, but still not nice enough to get me to stay here again.  Second, I would wander the streets and across the river a bit during the daytime, as last night I was on a food hunt, on the way back to the Square of Miracles.

Breakfast buffet spread and standing over the Arno River

Back of Church of Santa Cristina and Santa Maria della Spina from across the river

Inside the cathedral and a colorful nativity scene

Pulpit inside Santa Maria Assunta, designed by Giovanni Pisano

My early afternoon flight out of Galileo Galilei Airport includes a 4-hour layover in London Heathrow and a midnight arrival in Stockholm-Arlanda.  Being the cheap person I try to be, I preferred not to get the fancy downtown hotel for that first night, as I wouldn’t get a full day use out of it (not to mention having to secure transportation into the city).  Instead, I redeemed most of my expiring Expedia credit to score a $50 coupon, which I applied to a $60 bed for one night (which ended up being 9 hours) at Jumbo Stay, a decommissioned Boeing 747 parked on a disused runway and converted into a hostel.  I was curious about it anyway, and its price and being on airport grounds made it perfect for that first night, since the post-midnight arrival meant there wasn’t much to do but sleep and get an early morning start towards Stockholm.

Me outside Galilei International Airport

It’s a quarter past midnight and that’s a dangerously icy walkway

Wide hallway with rooms on either side and the breakfast area in the pointy end, notice the spiral staircase leading upstairs to the cockpit suite (rented out while I was there, otherwise guests are able to take a peek inside)

Bunk bed rooms (seat rows removed, windows and overhead storage kept) and shared lavatories enlarged to hold a shower (see reflection in mirror)

Overwing balcony is closed during winter due to safety

Don’t know what the post title means?  Click and learn.

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