Need advice for a Las Vegas jaunt

My JetBlue points are expiring soon.  The only way to keep them active is to pay for a JetBlue ticket within 12 months (not 18) of last activity or have the JetBlue American Express credit card.  Redeeming points or buying through their shopping partners does not count as activity.  Since I won’t be getting another credit card and I would rather not spend money on a short flight just to keep the points active, I guess I’ll just redeem what I have before they expire and let the remainder die from inactivity.

The only round trip destinations I can afford from SFO with my points are Long Beach or Las Vegas (connecting in Long Beach).  I reckon there might be a bit more to do in Las Vegas.  Point values change depending on the day, Monday through Wednesday are the cheapest, so it’s likely going to be a two-day trip or an overnight jaunt.  If want to be real cheap, I can just go overnight and spend the night wandering the hotels and casinos, without paying for a hotel room.  I also have enough points to stay in a Holiday Inn for one night, but it is over 12 miles from the Strip.  If I go this route, I can simply stay in the hotel room and play in the pool and avoid the Strip, there is a 24-hour Wal-Mart and a few food options nearby.

There will be taxes involved with redemption for hotel, so to be even cheaper, I can fly to Las Vegas, hang around in the airport (with free wifi), then fly back the same day.  You might think it’s a waste of time, but as I currently have nowhere to be, I have that time, and I can enjoy a half-day of in-flight entertainment and unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.  There are even slot machines in the airport, but we all know those are rigged even tighter than in the casinos.

Unless you can convince me to go to Long Beach.

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