No mo’ Flickr Pro (for now)

My Flickr Pro account expired, and what I had uploaded before it expired is well over the 300MB upload limit for free members, so I won’t be able to upload photos until next month, and it will take time beyond that to resume writing around said photos.  In the meantime, here are some suggestions to fill your time:

  • do your taxes
  • read up on how to see Comet PANSTARRS before it disappears for a hundred thousand years (it might even be gone now)
  • scour garage sales for hidden treasure
  • find a proper, independent doughnut shop (not a chain or grocery store, a bakery can count if doughnuts are their priority)
  • visit your local library for free books, magazines, or DVDs (or get yourself a library card)
  • get a compressed air can and blow the dust out of your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and other electronics (don’t forget disc drives or charge and headphone ports), but do not use compressed air inside a DSLR
  • watch Firefly and Serenity
  • play some board games, or if you’re alone, do a puzzle
  • learn all the settings of your digital camera
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