Reminders to all flyers

Primarily in the United States (since that is where I have done most of my flying), but in other English-speaking countries, people can’t seem to follow requests/instructions, or they don’t care.  The first one is the “We’re about to begin boarding the plane, please stay seated until your row/section/group is called” request.  That speech seems to be interpreted as “I need to hover by the front of the line to make sure I get on the plane.”  Obviously, they are already checked in and at the gate, so the plane isn’t going to leave without them.  When my it’s my turn to board the plane, I stand behind the crowd, thinking that they are also in my section, why else would they be there?  Then they don’t move, and no one else moves, so the gate agent calls the next section and I have to ask the people who shouldn’t be there if I may pass.  They get mad at me for not being ready to board.

Second request is by the flight attendants to load your largest piece of luggage overhead and your smaller one under the seat in front of you (if you have a seat in front of you).  I recently flew four flights in the last week, and every flight had people putting their luggage in the first open spot they see and then heading back towards their seat, or loading both bags overhead or their single bag overhead, instead of underneath the seat to let others load their bags overhead.  In the past, I’ve asked if they wouldn’t mind keeping their smaller bag underneath the seat to let others use the overhead space.  Again, they always get mad, one went with the explanation “I was here first, so I can take the space”.  Flight attendants get involved, and someone hates me for the duration of the flight.

A bit of kindness or consideration would make the experience more pleasant for everyone.  I’m pretty easygoing, so it takes something big to bother me.  These are some of those things.

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