Eurotrip Interlude 1: LGW-FCO

Unlike most US-based airlines I have used, British Airways doesn’t allow me to select my economy class seats when I purchase my tickets online (they do allow seat selection for high-level frequent flyers), unless I wanted to pay $42 per flight segment.  You have assigned seats that you won’t know until you are allowed to check-in 24 hours before your flight.  It appears that BA assigned me a window seat again.  I changed to an aisle seat for the SFO-LHR flight, as I didn’t want to be trapped for the 10+ hour flight.  I’d rather get up every time a passenger wants to leave than have to ask them to move for me.  For this flight to Rome, I wasn’t able to change my seat when checking in or when trying to modify the reservation on either their mobile website or their Android app.  Both methods had problems, from freezes/hangups to links that go nowhere.  I kept the window seat for the 2.5 hour flight, and was able to get some decent photos out the window.

The Alps along the French-Italian border:

Overhead (obviously) of Nice, in southern France

Wider view that includes St-Laurent-du-Var, the Var River, and the Mediterranean

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