Disadvantages of having a plan.

Dates and flights for my trip are set, most hotels/hostels/B&Bs are reserved and/or prepaid as early as 3 months ago.  So of course, in the last month, all kinds of deals are showing up to get discounts on the same hotels for the same dates, some as much as 50%.  I prepaid for one hotel three months ago, and as I periodically check the current rates, I see the prepaid rate for the same dates has dropped.  I would expect the prepaid rate to increase, as incentive to hand over your money sooner.  I may as well have waited and paid the same for a fully refundable fare.  I guess it is a lesson learned for the future.  These are cities where there will be no shortage of rooms in all price ranges.  Granted, you might prefer a specific hotel for any number of reasons (price, location, loyalty program, etc.), in which case you are more limited for choice.  But if I were to do another trip like this again, I will likely wait until I find a deal online, or just do a walk-in, like I did in Hawaii and Australia.  Sometimes you can get great last minute rates just so they can fill a room.

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