Swapping week: part 2

I forgot to add sunglasses to the previous list.  I had a good pair of Kirkland brand sport sunglasses (from Costco) blown off my head from the wind in my second month in Bermuda.  I bought an emergency pair in Bermuda’s only city, Hamilton, that may not have been UV coated, so I used them sparingly until I could have another one sent to me from the US, also from Costco, since their smaller selection made it easier to describe what I wanted.  But they were out of the sport model, perhaps discontinued for a while, as I had bought the lost pair a few years prior.  All they had were an aviator-style model.  In the years since, they have fallen on the ground in countless cities and a few countries.  There are only minor pockmarks on the lenses, fortunately out of the main field of vision.  Still, they have been moved to backup duty in the car glove compartment.  They have been replaced by a souvenir pair of sunglasses bought after the Vancouver Winter Olympics (when Olympic-branded merchandise was 50% off).

My sock drawer contained multiple packs off the same style of athletic socks from Costco.  The advantage of having two dozen identical socks is that you grab any two and they will match.  Over the years, cheap socks will fall apart.  When one does, you can throw it away and even though you have an odd number, it won’t matter because you’ll eventually lose another one.  For those near death, I try to give them one final send off via an exotic holiday, then disposed of, freeing space and weight in my luggage.  I left some of them behind in Bermuda and the most of the rest of them were recently given away to a clothing drive (they were still quite usable).  The replacement has started with Kirkland-brand (do I shop at Costco too much?) merino wool socks.  They are about the same weight, but have better moisture-wicking and quick dry properties than cotton (and won’t smell bad like synthetics).  The bad part is that the four pairs come in three color patterns.  Fortunately, the three colors are somewhat similar enough that only a close inspection under decent lighting will reveal if they do not match.  If they work out well, I’ll get another pack or two, I don’t think I need that many socks, as having good laundry tech nearby makes them easier to clean.

Lastly, in California, your driver’s license expires on your birthday, so I’ll start using my new one tomorrow.

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