Swapping week

It has been a week of replacing things.  I’ve been using the bundled iPod Nano (1st generation, and replaced via recall) earbuds until yesterday.  I should have replaced them years ago when they stopped working properly.  The sound coming out of the rear vents was louder than the audio coming from the front of the piece that faces your ear, which made it rather futile to use on an airplane, which I have traveled on dozens of times in the last several years.  Now I’m using the bundled earbuds that came with my Sansa Clip (also out of commission due to dead battery), with a Sansa Clip Plus, but the sound is too loud on the lowest setting.

My nine year old Logitech MX510 Precision Gaming Mouse stopped working.  I took it apart to clean it out and take a look inside.  Maybe I can fix it, perhaps not.  Now I’m using my backup Microsoft Wireless Mobile 3500 mouse (with nifty BlueTrack).  It’s too small for my hand and I prefer a wired mouse.  I may go online to buy a Logitech G400, the replacement to the Logitech MX518 (very similar to my MX510).

My nine year old Daewoo DVDP480 DVD player is having disc playback problems.  I bought it at Costco for $40 because it was the cheapest player I could find that could be “hacked” into a region-free player.  Maybe I will take it apart to see if I can repair it, though I wouldn’t expect to be successful.  I am now using a portable DVD player that was also “hacked” into a region-free player.  I suppose I don’t need a replacement yet.

I also started a new toothbrush, got a haircut, and was forced to use Timeline by Facebook.

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