My first Bag of Crap (from a Woot-Off)

After several years of watching and trying, I finally purchased a Bag of Crap from the May 22, 2012 Woot-Off. is a fun website that sells one item per day, kind of like the Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day.  Woot also has a daily t-shirt, wine offer, kid’s item, home furnishing item, and other deals.  I’ve bought a couple of items from Woot before, and several shirts.  The Bag of Crap is a grab bag item, for $3 (plus $5 shipping), you get whatever random stuff they want to send you.  People have reported receiving 10 battery chargers or even LCD televisions with the rest of their random stuff, all for $8.  During a Woot-Off, the site offers an item and once it sells out, they move to the next item.  They might have 1000 water filter pitchers, then sell 3 laptop computers.  Typically in the mix, they will have a Bag of Crap.  When that happens, those watching the site scramble to the purchase button, hoping they already have their address and credit card information saved in their account and a lag-free internet connection because any delay could mean you miss out.  I’ve missed out on around a dozen Bags of Crap until I was successful.

The box arrived two weeks later.  Here’s what $8 bought me:


On top of the shipping box, you will see 1 XL plain maroon t-shirt, roll of sports tape, pen and paper in a metal case (with horse image), McDonald’s Monkey figure from Kung Fu Panda 2, a wind-up bird toy that spins on its wing, some beaded coil (unsure if it’s a bracelet or something else), a bag of six coasters (frosted glass with wine bottle and glasses imagery), and a leather case (perhaps to hold an eight year old flip phone?).

On the floor, from left to right, you’ll see 2 Chuck Norris plush toys (awesome), a VGA cable (that I suspect someone threw in as a joke), a 48-pack of Colgate Wisps (very useful for travelers), 2 soda caps with straws, printable sticker labels for a PSP (I’m guessing), a toothbrush that I won’t use for my teeth), an Estee Lauder mirror, and a reusable bag with a sunflower.

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