My first time, using Google Wallet

Google gives you $10 in a prepaid Google Wallet account when you buy a Galaxy Nexus from their website.  I didn’t know where I might be able to use it, but you can be sure I planned to make use of the free money.  I didn’t think I would top up the account with a credit card, as the money would be locked up in the Wallet account, instead of free to be spent anywhere.  In order to maximize its use, I would need to find a way to spend as close to $10 as possible, unless I find a situation where $10 of the purchase can come from my Wallet account, and I make up the rest another way.

At Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, I was going to buy a drink at a shop.  Soda was $2.29 plus tax, or 2 for $4 (plus tax), water was $1.99 plus tax, and it couldn’t count in the 2 for $4.  I found a vending machine where soda and water were $2 each, no tax applied.  It had a PayPass option, so I thought to try my Wallet account instead of spending my own cash.  I don’t know what happened, but a bottle of soda and water ended up costing only $1.20 each when paying with Google Wallet.  So not only did I save my cash, but I received a 40% discount.

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