Making more money on mobile phone service.

You may recall in my last post, that when I first started with T-Mobile, I made money on the initial phone purchase through coupons and rebates.  This time, for my second T-Mobile number, I ordered the SIM card with activation kit from the T-Mobile website for $1.99 (they also have micro-SIM cards), on sale from $6.99.  I had seen the package available in physical stores for $20.  I was willing to risk $2 (plus tax) that I could install it and choose my plan online, and save $18.  The package arrived about a week later, and I followed the instructions online, but the activation code didn’t work.  I had read online that other people were able to activate the $30 exclusive plan at a T-Mobile store, so I drove to the nearest store around 6:30pm.  They closed at 8pm, and I am accustomed to stores closing around 4:30pm in Bermuda, so that’s nice.  They were able to use another activation code from their collection that worked.  I still had to sign up online, since it isn’t available in-store, but I was able to use the store register/computer to finish it.  The SIM card comes with $3.34 of credit on it (worth 10 minutes of airtime).  Since I paid $2.16 for the package, I “made” $1.18 on the deal, and that $3.34 has been applied to my monthly bill.  Sure, I had to spend gasoline getting to the store for help, but for those who are lucky that it works from home, you can brag that T-Mobile paid you to activate a new plan.

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