3 years, 3 months, and 3 days

After 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days, I have returned to the US, with a few dozen new stamps in my passport.

This blog had been updated somewhat regularly for the first 2.5 years, with 185 posts, then only 19 posts in the last 3.25 years.  The reason: I had moved overseas for a job that limited my time for blogging (at first) and had some ambiguous intellectual property rules that meant anything I did/created while employed could become their property.  My environment also limited the amount of stuff about which to write, and my first blog post after relocating was critical of what I found.  That post became very popular at work and probably led to people not liking me for a while.  Bermuda is a small island, about 21 square miles, around one-tenth the size of San Francisco, but instead of a squarish-area, Bermuda is about one mile wide and 21 miles long.  By now, you should know that I’m not a fan of sun or the beach, Bermuda offers that.  It also offers golf, shopping, restaurants, and high prices for everything.  It has four movie screens, one of them is a two hour trip (each way), a second requires a taxi (since I had no car or scooter).  As a result of all these factors, I elected to minimize the blogging.

This blog was initially meant to talk about my travel.  Since I haven’t been here to tell you about it, let me summarize: in the last three years, I have been to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Boston twice, Pittsburgh twice, Puerto Rico (not once or twice, but three times), Orlando, Toronto, Kauai, and London and Paris (day trip only, but still counts).  There are also hundreds of photos from Bermuda (here and on Facebook, be my friend?).  A career in oceanography can get you to some places you might not have planned for yourself.  This job took me to PR all three times, the other trips were my own vacation time, but Europe and Eastern US/Canada were easier flights from BDA than SFO.  My previous job got me to Oahu and Tahiti, then Australia.

I may be able to describe some of those many adventures in the future, I have a good memory.  Ask if you want specific stories or information, I’m good at answering questions.

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