The better, third thing

Last time, I told you of three things that were recently retired from service.  Humans tend to look for patterns in unconnected events, when it might simply be coincidence.  Whatever you believe, we can probably agree that replacing a 4 month old toothbrush does not fit in with saying bye to a 17 year old car and an 18 year old backpack.

So let’s replace the toothbrush with a nearly 21 year old towel.  My dad’s company used to hold an annual convention in a vacation destination.  In April 1991, it was in Hawai’i.  Souvenir towels were handed out, and they had lasted long enough for me to bring two of them with me to Bermuda.  I recently swapped out one of them, which was badly thinning and worn out in spots, with one that had never been used.  That’s how well I take care of stuff – I have a brand new, 21 year old towel, which is older than some of the students that visit.  The old and holey towel hasn’t been thrown away yet.  It will be used as an apartment clean up rag when I leave here in less than three months.

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