Leaving London

I’m sitting in Gatwick Airport, waiting for a gate assignment.  I might buy some food with whatever local currency is left.

In seven days, I visited the following: Natural History Museum, Science Museum, tour of London sights, day trip to Paris, Sea Life Aquarium, Doctor Who Experience, the last Harry Potter film on Britain’s largest IMAX screen, Greenwich and the Royal Observatory, a West End musical, and several famous landmarks and shopping destinations.

There was not enough time to visit: British Museum, Tate Museums, Shakespeare’s Globe, Buckingham Palace and various castles, London Zoo, Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, sport venues (Wimbledon, Emirates Stadium, Olympic Park), and more places I will remember later.

While I’m still on the Atlantic side, perhaps I should return soon to visit the rest (add the rest of the UK and Ireland as well).  However, I would like to travel through Heathrow at least once, which wouldn’t happen from here.

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1 Response to Leaving London

  1. Jeff says:

    Cool! Aww, I miss London. Thom and I went in 2006 (my first time there), and hope to visit again someday.

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